Pilates Kauai

pilates in the palms

lengthen // align // strengthen



At Pilates Kauai you will experience Pilates like you never have before—in paradise. Tucked away in a lush, tropical setting on the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii, our studio is a state-of-the-art studio, offering private, semi-private or group classes. Pilates Kauai is dedicated to a whole body fitness alternative that builds strength and confidence for life, alleviates pain and restores musculo-skeletal alignment. Instruction exclusively by certified instructors.



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limited to 6 people for better individual attention, classes allow you to practive in a group setting while progressing at your own pace. whether you are working on your foundations or looking for a new challenge. Hands-on adjustments for form and correct technique allow for precision and flow of movement in this class.

the pilates kauai experience

surrounded by a tropical landscape, the north shore offers a premium facility and passionate, highly trained professionals that cater both to the local community and visitors. Pilates Kauai prides itself on consciously creating a relaxing oasis in addition to a quality instruction for individuals and groups.

how can i benefit from pilates?

designed to re-align the body while strengthening and lengthening, pilates caters to all fitness levels. Pilates is ideal for general fitness, cross-training and injury rehabilitation and prevention. athletes, pre and post-natal clients and men and women of all aged will experience the many benefits.


in-home training

catering to north shore residents and visitors, pilates kauai offers individual and group sessions in the privacy of your own home or vacation rental. please contact us for availability and rates.